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Chris Whittemore, a veteran of the Marine Corps with a master’s degree in forensic psychology and a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, has completed his new book “Terror to Triumph”: a powerful and mesmerizing account of the author’s time stationed overseas and what awaited him upon his return home.



After enlisting in the Marine Corps, I graduated from Marine Corps boot camp in December of 1995. I was assigned to third Battalion 3rd as a machine gunner. In 1999, I got out of the Marine Corps and moved to Houston, TX. There I worked in juvenile and adult probation at the correctional boot camp. From there I joined the Department of Public Safety as a State Trooper in 2003 and reenlisted in the Marine Corps in 2004. Once back in the Marine Corps my wife and I were stationed in 29 palms, CA. There I served with 3rd Battalion 7th Marines as a scout sniper. After returning from Ramadi Iraq, I moved over to second Battalion 7th Marines. I deployed again to the outskirts of Fallujah. Upon returning from this deployment, I changed jobs to a UH-1Y Crew Chief.

As a crew chief, I was assigned to HMLA-369. With the squadron, I deployed to the Helmand Province from May-November 2010. Upon Returning from that deployment, I was sent to Recruiter School. I was stationed in Houston Texas were I worked primarily in Conroe, TX. After 9 months, I was sent to take over a struggling office in Lufkin, TX. In 2013, I was sent to the Wounded Warrior Battalion in San Antonio. After my back surgery and other medical problems that were fixed I eventually was able to begin playing sports. It was nice to feel normal.

In 2014, I was a lucky participant in the Warrior Open. After spending 17 years in the Marine Corps, that chapter in my life finally ended in July 2015. Since retiring, I have been traveling to different places and spending time with my family. I have spent many days out on the golf course and going to golf camps thru Semper Fi Fund. Luckily, my scores have gone down and my handicap is getting much better. I am hoping to be a participant in the 2017 Warrior open


“The majority of the men in my family all served in the military,” writes Whittemore. 

“From my grandfather, who was stationed in Hawaii during the bombings in 1941, to my father, Tim, and my uncle Dan who served aboard naval ships in Vietnam, and my uncle Pat who served as a paratrooper in the Army in Vietnam. Even with all this history in my family, no one talked about their experiences. This was disappointing to me growing up, but after gaining my own experiences, I fully understand why they never wanted to discuss what they had been through during the wars. I was, in a way, naive to the life that lay ahead in joining the Marine Corps.”

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Published by Page Publishing, Chris Whittemore’s incredible and personal tale sheds light on a world that many civilians are all too unaware of. Readers will find that it is not simply the horrors of war that affect soldiers, but also struggles in returning to civilian life and stigma around suffering that await them back home.

Readers who wish to experience this potent work can purchase“Terror to Triumph” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

For additional information or media inquiries, contact Page Publishing at 866-315-2708.

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What They said About My book ?

Honest and Humble Account of War and the toll it takes on individual and family.
I read through Mr. Whittemore’s book in one sitting. Just so you are aware this book is not a dramatization, this is not hero worship of military culture, or even a call to any specific cause. This is honest, straight from the heart account of one Marine doing his best to balance his call to service with his role as a husband. It is a singular journey of one man to accept his struggle with PTSD and resolve to rebuild his life and relationships.
This is not a book that sugar coats the military or the wartime missions in Iraq or Afghanistan. You will feel a hint of the pain Mr. Whittemore felt during some of the most dark days of his service. You will grieve with him, root for him and his wife, and be thankful at the end of his account that he is alive and not another sad statistic of Veteran Suicide due to mental health issues after service.
I am thankful he was willing to share that with the world and I hope it continues the conversations that are needed to help Veterans and families overcome and triumph in the “after” that comes along with service.

Josh C.

Must Read for EVERY Combat Veteran and Those Who Love Them!
Terror to Triumph reads like a memoir and for anyone that has been through training, deployments, and combat reading this book is like the best kind of therapy. All the goodness of feeling like someone else out there understands and has gone down the same road without the ‘I’m too F’ed up for my therapist experience.” More like the the guys from the 3/5 who had the experience of bunking together in the barracks after returning from deployment. We have lost too many great Americans, friends, brother and sisters by their own hands.
If you know a combat veteran send them this book.
If you know a military spouse who’s loved one served in combat send them this book.
If you served, you already hit the buy button, not to support a brother-in-arms, not even to help yourself, but to save the brother or sister-in-arms that you served with. The person that you’re thinking of right now who you haven’t reached out to in months or years…because it’s too hard, too scary, what would we even talk about? Talk about this book because Chris Whittemore understands because he lived it and had the heart to put it out there for all of us. His story is every combat vet’s story (at least in part).
The best time to start healing is 20 years ago. The 2nd best time is right now.
– Chinese Proverb (adapted with permission from no one)

Karina Gafford

A great new book from Page Publishing by Chris Whittemore that covers the behind the scenes training, passage of rites for Marine Scout Snipers before, during, and after deployments. Chris provides a great ride-along for those of us that did not deploy to Iraq. Thanks Chris for your dedication to mission and focus on our national military objectives.
This book can be broken down into multiple pieces. Chris’ deployments to Ramadi in 2005 and later again to Fallujah in 2007, his multiple missions as the main door gunner riding in a chopper, and the most important piece, returning home to put together your life after living thru the hell that was Iraq. For those not familiar with Ramadi and Fallujah in Iraq, it’s a living nightmare. Each unit is setup in their own compound providing internal support to ensure they pull 24/7 security on their own compound but also providing their services to the war effort. Whether it is silently moving through the streets of Ramadi or Fallujah or dodging improvised explosive devices (IEDs), countering enemy snipers, the chaos of everyday life, you count your blessings and look forward to exfil and the day you get on that freedom bird back home.

Christopher Eric Mullins
United States on March 7, 2022

Much needed revelation!
Chris, thank you so much for writing this book. What an honor to get such an inside look at these events and your life. I learned so much I would never have even heard any other way that opened my eyes in very needed ways. I cried through parts of it and could probably never find the words for why, there is just so much all in there. Thank you for your service, for sharing the whole story, and thank you for your example in faith and love through it all on your way to triumph.

Texas Gardener