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sometimes the toughest battles
you have to fight are at home
with yourself

chris whittemore

Terror To Triumph - Chris Whittemore

I Turned My Experience into a Story.

“The majority of the men in my family all served in the military,” writes Whittemore. “From my grandfather, who was stationed in Hawaii during the bombings in 1941, to my father, Tim, and my uncle Dan who served aboard naval ships in Vietnam, and my uncle Pat who served as a paratrooper in the Army in Vietnam. Even with all this history in my family, no one talked about their experiences. This was disappointing to me growing up, but after gaining my own experiences, I fully understand why they never wanted to discuss what they had been through during the wars. I was, in a way, naive to the life that lay ahead in joining the Marine Corps.”

About the book "Terror To Triumph"

Take a journey through the eyes of a Marine scout sniper as he unveils the horrors of the mean streets of Ramadi, Iraq, in 2005, from losing fellow Marines and escaping death’s grasps as you silently move through the streets to dodging improvised explosive devices, enemy snipers, and the chaos associated with a country’s first election. Continue the journey through Fallujah, Iraq, in 2007, where the fighting turns more inward, and the struggles faced when balancing the losses in war and at home. Finish the ride as you fly as a UH-1 crew chief/door gunner through the unforgiving country of the Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Fly through countless hours of combat missions in support of multiple countries’ militaries and the scars associated with flying the wounded and fallen back to base. 

Take the final journey by facing the reality of the struggles that servicemen and servicewomen face with coping with horrors of war, the fight against the stigma of being broken, and finding a way to transition back into the civilian world. This is the hectic journey that one Marine and his families go through after each deployment, finding a way to stay strong through the darkest times and triumphing from the darkness and finding success against all odds.

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chris whittemore author of terror to triumph

Chris Whittemore - Author

After enlisting in the Marine Corps, I graduated from Marine Corps boot camp in December of 1995. I was assigned to third Battalion 3rd as a machine gunner. In 1999, I got out of the Marine Corps and moved to Houston, TX. There I worked in juvenile and adult probation at the correctional boot camp. From there I joined the Department of Public Safety as a State Trooper in 2003 and reenlisted in the Marine Corps in 2004. Once back in the Marine Corps my wife and I were stationed in 29 palms, CA. There I served with 3rd Battalion 7th Marines as a scout sniper. After returning from Ramadi Iraq, I moved over to second Battalion 7th Marines. I deployed again to the outskirts of Fallujah. Upon returning from this deployment, I changed jobs to a UH-1Y Crew Chief.

As a crew chief, I was assigned to HMLA-369. With the squadron, I deployed to the Helmand Province from May-November 2010. Upon Returning from that deployment, I was sent to Recruiter School. I was stationed in Houston Texas were I worked primarily in Conroe, TX. After 9 months, I was sent to take over a struggling office in Lufkin, TX. In 2013, I was sent to the Wounded Warrior Battalion in San Antonio. After my back surgery and other medical problems that were fixed I eventually was able to begin playing sports. It was nice to feel normal.

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What They said About My book ?

Much needed revelation! Chris, thank you so much for writing this book. What an honor to get such an inside look at these events and your life. I learned so much I would never have even heard any other way that opened my eyes in very needed ways. I cried through parts of it and could probably never find the words for why, there is just so much all in there. Thank you for your service, for sharing the whole story, and thank you for your example in faith and love through it all on your way to triumph.

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